How To Create An Irrelevant Brand


None of us ever wakes up, looks in the mirror and says, “Today, my goal is to be irrelevant.”

When you introduce yourself to someone, you don’t say, “Hi. My name is Chad Massey, I’m a financial advisor and I’m Irrelevant.”

Of course you don’t. …or do you?

The moderator of my networking pod asked us to answer a great question for our introductions:

“What makes you different from your competitors?”

Sadly, most everyone blew it. I heard “customer service” this and “customer service” that and “we love our customers.” Guess what?…

Excellent Customer Service Is Not A Brand!

If your goal is to melt into the crowd of mediocrity, then simply use any or all of these phrases:

  • “I provide excellent customer service.”
  • “Our customers are the focus of our business.”
  • “We treat our customers like family.”
  • “My goal is 100% customer satisfaction.”
  • “My customers are the life-blood of my business.”
  • “We deliver world-class customer service.”
  • “We only hire people-people.”


By the way, if you’re using these phrases,

the 90’s called –

they want their tag lines back.


Why “Customer Service” is NOT a Brand

  1. Good customer service is the bottom-end, price of admission for any business.
  2. These statements are weak, made by individuals who don’t know what else to say.
  3. Also, most of the businesses who say these kinds of things do just that – they say it, but don’t deliver.
  4. Lastly, and most importantly, none of these phrases are compelling enough to make anyone want to learn more about you, much less do business with you.


You have a brand.

The question is do you know what it is?

Have you taken time to mold it and craft it into something that accurately and interestingly describes you?

If not, check out this branding resource from Hubspot. It’s a good place to start. Or get in touch with me. We’ll work on it.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.




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