Making Bank on Holidays! How to Sell on St. Patrick’s Day


Your St. Patrick’s Day Communication Plan

One of the secrets to having customers for life is a regular communication plan. Non-traditional holidays are the PERFECT time for outreach because most small businesses do not plan their communication around these holidays. Christmas? Yes. Thanksgiving in the U.S.A.? Sometimes? But non-traditional holidays? This is your chance to stand out and be memorable. Here’s how…

10 Creative Ways to Wish Your Customers and Prospects a Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Texting your prospects is a GREAT way to plant a seed to remind them that you exist and that you remember them. (Be sure you have their permission to text so you are not in violation of your country’s spam laws.)

Here are 10 Creative Ways to Wish Your Customers and Prospects a Happy St. Patrick’s Day

1. Wishing you the luck of the Irish!
2. Wishing you a green and lucky St. Patrick’s Day!
3. May the luck of the Irish be with you!
4. May your day be filled with pots of gold!
5. Wishing you a rainbow of joy on St. Patrick’s Day!
6. Time to get your shamrock on!
7. Sending you a pinch of luck!
8. Have a lucky St. Patrick’s Day!
9. Time to get your green on!
10. May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow!


The Best St. Patrick’s Day Email Messages for Your Customers and Prospects

Email open rates are lower than text but they do afford you the opportunity to communicate more than one line. Use the text suggestions above as subject lines and use the message ideas below to strengthen your relationships.

Here are 2 Email Messages to Send Your Customers and Prospects on St. Patrick’s Day

1. Thank You 

If your goal is to foster customer loyalty, just say thank you.  Don’t make it about sales. Don’t make it about a promotion. Thank your customers for their repeat business and trust and remind them of your commitment to them.

2. A St. Patrick’s Day Promotion

If your goal is to boost your sales or move one of your products/services, hold a promotion on March 17th. Ask them to use the coupon code “LUCK” to unlock their discount.

A St. Patricks’ Day Customer Communication Plan?

I know it sounds weird but that is EXACTLY the point. Be different, be memorable, get more clients, make more sales.

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