Meet Alicia Meneses Maples

Sales Breakthrough Consultant

Welcome! If you’re going to learn from me, I’m guessing you want to learn a bit about me. This is a true story from my professional career.

My 26-year old self started to walk around the corner towards the executive offices when I stopped in my tracks. I heard my corporate VP say with a tone of utter disbelief: “Alicia?!? She could not have come up with that idea. HER BOOBS ARE TOO BIG FOR HER TO HAVE ANY BRAIN CELLS!”

He and the rest of the executive boys club laughed as they continued to verbally probe my body parts.

Being discounted has always been a theme in my life due to my gender, my body shape, my lack of degree, my curly hair, my mixed race, socio-economic position and more. If you know, you know.

And I knew, somehow, that if we had money, it would make things better for my family.

I also…

I was 9 years old. 😂

I couldn’t pronounce the word much less spell it. 

But I knew being in charge of myself and making money was what I wanted.

And at 9 years of age, I was a SALES MASTER because… I didn’t know what I couldn’t do.

Read that again; it’s the most powerful part of this story. ⤴️

This internal, unstoppable drive led me to be a serial SALES-preneur:

But then at age 39, I sucked at selling… I mean really sucked. Like I was SUPER bad at sales. 

Corporate smacked the confidence out me and “coaches” gave me bad advice.

I realized being smart was not enough

Having a good product was not enough

Being connected was not enough

What was I going to do?

SIMPLE. If I was ever going to be successful as an entrepreneur, I had to re-learn HOW to sell.

🗑 I threw out EVERYTHING 🗑 

mentors and coaches taught me about the “right” way to sell and I started from scratch. I went deep y’all. 

I emerged from the fire… WEAPONIZED & SYSTEMIZED! ⚔️🛡

I was forged like tempered steel with a Super-Heroine’s mission:

To help YOU – amazing, astounding entrepreneur,

learn HOW to sell the right way, the easy way, 

to give you the FREEDOM and flexibility 

to live your life so you can fulfill 

your God-given purpose in this world. 🌎

It is not your customer’s job to remember you. It is your obligation and responsibility to make sure they don’t have the chance to forget you.

Patricia Fripp