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If you’re happy with your business as it is and you don’t want to grow – hit the back button; you’re in the wrong place.
Alicia Maples Small Business Consultant Talking on Phone

Is Business Consulting Right For Me?

This is actually a really bad question because EVERY SMB founder needs 4 professionals to help their business be and stay successful:

The better question:

Is Alicia the right consultant for me? 

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Still here?

Then you are precisely the kind of client I’m looking for.

My approach

Life First Business Consulting

If you spend money, I can show you 100 different ways to make more money. But I can’t show you how make more time once you’ve spent it.

Time is the most important asset you have.

So instead of helping you create a business that overtakes your life, I do the opposite.

I help you create a sustainably profitably business that:

why i am not a coach
First let me say, I am NOT a business coach.

Coaching is based on the belief that you already have all the answers and you simply need someone objective and skilled to draw that knowledge out of you.

While I will help you have glorious “ah-ha” moments, I 100% disagree with this philosophy.

No one person has all the answers.

Therefore, I use a hybrid approach of Coaching and Consulting.

Consulting is advising. It is telling you what I see and what I think you should do.

You already know what coaching is. Think back to sports or music.

Your coach:

I engage the best of both disciplines to bring my clients powerful breakthroughs for sustainable profitability.

Our Process

Determine the kind of life you want to live

Asses current state vs future state

Diagnose the gaps across 5 major areas

Strategically fill, tweak and improve the gaps

Scale it

Introduce new revenue streams